Our Story

Thank you for visiting White River House & Home. We are glad that you stopped by.

White River House & Home is a Rogers, Arkansas based retail company that curates handmade goods that are sold in our stores and online at WhiteRiverHH.com.

We grew up in families of remarkably talented cooks and craftsmen and have long admired the men and women who are able to express themselves creatively through the things they make with their hands.  White River House & Home is a tribute to those people, to their craft and to their stories.

We spend our time searching for these extraordinary creations, getting to know the people who make them, and sharing their stories. We buy as many as we can get our hands on and make them available to our customers in our stores.

Some of the items we carry are only available for a short time and in very limited quantities. Others, we’ll keep in ample supply – at least for a season.

Home Furnishings & Decor
We help people create beautiful spaces, using furniture and home decor that we source from among the area's most talented craftsmen.

Outdoor Living
We work hard to find and source quality made items that will enhance the best parts of life for our customers ... the parts spent outdoors.

Consumable Goods

We help our customers discover their new favorites, by sourcing small batch foods, beverages, and other consumable goods.


We hope you’ll enjoy getting to know us.